23 October 2009

'Twas the Day Before Kenya...

What does one do the day before they leave for a far-away land where they will be spending multiple months? "Oo..I know, I know! Packing?" No, no, no...that's saved until much later. (Such as the last few hours before I leave for the airport.) This is definitely a leading question, and the answer I'm leading you to is this: Riding horses. Oh, yes.

It was a fantastic time, and it should be in everyone's pre-Kenyan trip experience. Other forms of entertainment for this kind of time frame: Driving down roads marked as construction that have all of their pavement scraped off, nearly hitting owls sitting in the middle of the road, and taking pictures of trees in the dark.
Thank you for being a part of my first blog post, and I promise that once I'm out of an airport and in the beautiful land of Kenya, I will be able to post entries much more worthwhile to all of us. :)
The next time you read something from me, I'll be in Nairobi, Kenya. Bye, bye, now!


  1. Hey it is Grant Exline from first period this morning it was really hard to take your place i cant dance like you can things are alot diffrent and Mr anderson is teaching now haha i tried to look for you on face book and i didnt work well so mabey look up my name and send me an invite hope you have fun in kenya we learning about it in scocial studies and there are some wild camels where you are have fun but no one will be better than our choir ps. please type back to me and the class alot.

  2. Hey its Shelby Hock it was really wierd not having you in class I was really sad though. We all do miss you in class all your jokes and how you lighten the mood when we sort of do bad on a song. Well, I hope you are having funn in Kenya!!!! Can't wait to see you again at church write back if you can!! =)

  3. I just want everyone to know that I was trying to make the 24 hours before Mark left as exciting as possible. That way he won't forget about us folk back here in Indiana. Love you!

  4. where are you? Need more updates!!

  5. hey its lexie colwell from 6th period its different not having you and class anymore! i miss you so much u always make us feel happy when we sang somethin bad. have fun in kenya and see u on skype 4 the christmas concert!