27 October 2009

Habari gani?

Well, here I am! Nairobi, Kenya. This is going to be quite an experience, I can already tell. Just in the conversations I've had in the past few days, I can see I really don't know very much (Although most of you probably already knew that...).

For instance, I found out that a "napkin" is actually what is used to make a diaper...not what most of us would first think of. I also found out that the people who clean public bathrooms will walk in and start cleaning while you're going to the bathroom...even if the cleaner is a woman. Yeah...that one was a little awkward to find out. Also, electricity is, well...sporadic to say the least. At least 10 times throughout the school day, the electricty and lights will go out before the generator kicks them back on after a few seconds. When it happens, no one really seems to notice, because it happens so dang much. And at my family's home, the power was out from the time we got home from school yesterday evening (around 5:30 pm) until we left this morning (7:30). We ate dinner, hung out, read, and wrote all by the light of candles and lanterns until we fell asleep.

So as you can see, I'm already learning a lot, and I anticipate to learn and share many more of those stories as they happen. But right now I'm headed off to eat pizza and hang out with some of the walimu (teachers). I'll be adding pictures of the school and my home soon.

Kwa heri (Bye)!


  1. oh do please pass the napkins!! wait, i'm potty trained.

    i bet people think that alot...sometimes...

  2. heyyy :)
    thatssss sooooo cool that ur in Kenya! how long r u there for??

  3. Well, it sounds like you having alot of funn there!!! Wow thats really strange that they walk in on you going to the bathroom to clean it.... Can't wait to see some pics of the school!!! Well it's good that your liking it there. bye byee for now

  4. That comment about is from me Shelby Hock lol sry bout that!!!! =)

  5. I love and miss you mr. statler. Seriously. Soak it up.

  6. Mark! thanks for including me in your blog-group invite - I'm excited to hear about your adventures in Kenya. how crazy that you're already done with half your student teaching - I hope it went well! and I hope this coming half is a great blessing to you; I have no doubt that you will be a fantastic instrument of God's joy and love through music and just being yourself as you teach and learn and face power outages and such. :) peace and prayers,
    anna perkins

  7. Habari na wewe! Utafurahia Kenya! Tutaonana!