08 August 2011

Just Another Sunday

Sunday was a great day and so full. I’m being blessed by so many new people and experiences and opportunities…I fail a lot, and I’m dumb a lot, but thankfully God is fully of grace, and so are other people. 2 other teachers and I walked to Karura Community Chapel…roughly a 25 minute walk…for the 10:30 English service.

As I’m seeking out a home church here in Nairobi, I was so blessed by this local body of Christ. It had a western feel to the church, but it was completely Kenyan led, very energetic, and Biblically based. The worship band was made up of a worship leader, 5 vocalists, an acoustic, bass, keyboard, and drum set. The songs were pretty much all in English, besides a few choruses of “Hakuna, Hakuna, Hakuna, Mungu kama wewe.” (“No, no, no God like you.”) The pastor preached on healthy disagreement in the church…the idea of not getting caught up in our “secondary” differences that are more culturally and personally based. We should share in our primary beliefs of God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth and Jesus Christ, his only son our Lord…and the rest of the Apostles’ Creed. A great message for a church of 1500 or so who come from various backgrounds and cultures and tribes and denominations.

After church the three of us walked to an orphanage called The Nest just up the road to help the women there feed, hold, and give attention to the 20 babies. I mostly held my new friend Leonard who, whenever the bottle wasn’t in his mouth, was smiling his big, toothless smile.

From there we walked back to our house on Rosslyn’s campus for Sean and I to change and get ready for some Sunday afternoon football. I wasn’t as terrible as I thought…and I didn’t get too embarrassed, so that was good. We then headed over to the International School of Kenya (ISK) with another Rosslyn teacher to play some ultimate frisbee with 40 other twenty-something mzungus (white people) who play ever week. I got a little more embarrassed a few times there, and my feet and legs are thanking me today…but it was awesome playing and meeting a bunch of great new people who come from all different walks of life who work in all different areas of Kenyan life. We came back to campus at dark and topped off the day with watching Harry Potter 7.1.

…Just another Sunday in Kenya. :)

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