04 December 2009

Welcome to Our World.

Welcome to Our World

Christmas Concert
Rosslyn Academy
Friday 4 December 2009 6:30 pm

Under the direction of
Lynn Charisse Zettlemoyer, Choral Director
Mark Statler, Taylor University

Tonight I direct a Christmas concert in Kenya. Less than 2 hours away, actually. Don't be too jealous (although I know you are).

If you're reading this within the next two hours, some prayers sent up on our behalf here would be very much appreciated. As the students and I have talked about, our goal for this concert is simply to sing a message of God's love to the world. If you have the chance, listen to Chris Rice's song "Welcome to Our World" (which our concert is aptly named after). It gives the greatest encapsulation of Christmas that I have ever heard in a song. The message of our need for Jesus and God's love in sending Him down to us is so strong; and I pray that is the motive behind our performance tonight.

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  1. hi mark- i didn't get a chance to read this until after the fact, but i hope your christmas concert went amazingly. how much longer will you be in kenya? tonight is the hanging of the greens at pg. hopefully matt or i can bring some print outs of your updates for the church to read. you are missed by us all! blessings on the remainder of your time overseas! i hope it is full of wonderful things! and... when you get back... intramurals vb! we're gonna rock it! ;)